We are currently open for TAKEOUT ONLY due to the ongoing restrictions implemented by the Government of Ontario.

Drink Menu

Coffees and Drinks

$2.75 Coffee

$3.50 Espresso

$4.50 Cappuccino

$6.50 Spanish or Irish Coffee

$4.00 Hot Chocolate

$2.25 Glass of Milk

$2.75 Perrier Water

$2.50 Soda (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Ginger Ale)

$2.00 Cranberry Cocktail

$3.00 Pink Lemonade

$3.00 Iced Tea


$7.00 Pink Flamingo

Prosecco and pink lemonade are the base of this whimsical cocktail popular in Wonderland

$7.00 Maddie’s Twisted Iced Tea

Take tea to a new level with this refreshing vodka twisted cocktail

$7.00 Prosecco / Mimosa

House Wine

$7 / $9 / $17 White

Two Oceans Sauvignon Blanc – 6oz glass / 8oz glass / 1/2 Litre

$7 / $9 / $17 Red

Two Oceans Cabernet Sauvignon – 6oz glass / 8oz glass / 1/2 Litre

Australian White Wine

$8 / $10 / $24 Lindeman’s Chardonnay

6oz glass / 8oz glass / Bottle

$8 / $10 / $24 Lindeman’s Pinot Grigio

6oz glass / 8oz glass / Bottle

Australian Red Wine

$8 / $10 / $24 Yellow Tail Merlot

6oz glass / 8oz glass / Bottle

$8 / $10 / $24 JJ. McWilliams Shiraz Cabernet

6oz glass / 8oz glass / Bottle

Wellington Brewery – Beer

$7.50 Helles Lager – 4.5%

A crisp, refreshing German-style smooth lager, blond in colour

$7.50 County Brown Ale – 5%

A traditional English-style classic brown ale, brown in colour

$7.50 Special Pale Ale (S.P.A.) – 4.5%

Smooth, well-balanced, and refreshing English Ale

Imported Loose Leaf Teas

$5.25 Black Currant

Black Currant Berries and Leaves

$5.25 Berry Berry Fruit Tea

Apple, Sour Cherry, Orange, Blueberry, Raspberries and Cranberries

$5.25 Ceylon Black (Orange Pekoe)

Richly flavoured Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe Tea

$5.25 Ceylon Black Decaffeinated

Highly pressurized CO2 extraction preserves the rich and delicate flavour of Ceylon Black

$5.25 Christmas

Vanilla and Almonds bring comforting aromas to this Orange Pekoe

$5.25 Chamomile

German Chamomile Flowers

$5.25 Chai Tea with Milk

Indian Orange Pekoe, Cardamon, Cloves, Pepper, Cinnamon, Anise, Ginger and Vanilla

$5.25 Darjeeling

Himalayan Province Tippy Golden Flower and Orange Pekoe

$5.25 Earl Grey

Orange Pekoe Black Tea flavoured with Bergamot and enhanced with Orange Peel and Blossoms

$5.25 Earl Grey Cream

Bergamot flavoured Orange Pekoe with rich blue Corn Flower to give this tea a smooth, creamy taste

$5.25 English Breakfast

A traditional English Colony blend

$5.25 Green – Oolong China

Se Chung Oolong with a natural Peach Flavour

$5.25 Green – Jasmine

China Green Tea semi fermented and scented with Jasmine Flowers

$5.25 Green – Japanese Sensha Makato

A very light Japanese Green Tea

$5.25 Green – Unan China Green

A hint of sweetness lingers after this strong and spicy China Green Tea

$5.25 Honeybush Cranberry Cream

South African Cranberries, fiery Safflowers and Rose Petals

$5.25 Irish Breakfast

A strong & bold blend of Assam, Darjeeling and Kenyan Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe

$5.25 Lady Lavender (Lady Grey)

Bergamot flavoured Orange Pekoe blended with French Lavender Flowers

$5.25 Orange Spice

Orange Pekoe blended with Cinnamon Bark, Orange Peel, Cloves, Bourbon and Vanilla

$5.25 Peppermint

Pure Peppermint Leaves

$5.25 Red Currant

Elderberries, Apple, and Hibiscus Flowers

$5.25 Rooibos Vanilla Cream

South African Rooibos with Vanilla Bean and Cream flavour

$5.25 Rooibos Lemon Garden

Blended Lemon Peels, Lemon Grass, and a refreshing natural Lemon flavour

$5.25 Sweet Orange

Orange Pekoe enhanced with Vanilla Bean, Orange Blossoms and Orange Peel

$5.25 Yerba Mate Mango

South American Sunflowers, Rooibos Leaves and Mango